Why Google interview no more than 30 minutes?

Date: 10/11/2014

In the book entitled "How Google Works" Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and former vice president of product Jonathan Rosenberg shared a little more about the style of Google when interviewing new staff for the heart. Accordingly, the interview of Google will not last more than 30 minutes. This is to ensure that conversations between recruiters and candidates become more meaningful and more important because there is no time for nonsense.

2 also shows that Google can organize interviews for a candidate if felt necessary. Moreover, to ensure effectiveness, the interview will be monitored by a team. 2 This author also said they had interviewed a candidate over 30 times, but still can not decide to hire him or not.

The authors also found that, after an interview, the interviewer was ready to make a decision in about 75% of the time the interview. Ability to make decisions gradually increased to 85% after 4 interviews before making a final decision. Because of this, they decided to limit the interview to figure 5 which does not depend on the importance of vacancies.

In his book, the author also gives advice for employers that take a stand on the views of the interviewees to have multiple perspectives and deeper for whom he would decide whether to hire or not.