Webmaster Services

Date: 10/10/2014

Your company has a website and you also very busy with professional work should not have time to manage the website and regularly updated information. This makes your company web site becomes boring, the topical information will not be accurate.

You really want your business website is always new and attract more customers visit.

Your business information, events, products, services, promotions, ... want regular updates on the website to introduce to our customers, partners and foreign.

You do not want to spend a large expense including payroll employment website administrator, equipped with devices to work, the policy regime...

Viet SEO will beautify your website using our services Webmaster. With a low cost, simple procedures, fast, convenient and secure, we believe that we will make you satisfied through the economic benefits that we bring.

Service costs webmaster

Frequency of updates There are management systems Static website (html)
1 week/ times 200.000 vnd/month 320.000 vnd/month
2 weeks / times 160.000 vnd/month 280.000 vnd/month
1 month/times 100.000 vnd/month 150.000 vnd/month