Facts to Determine the difficulty of the keywords

Date: 19/11/2014

Research the competition when doing your own seo or seo services begin with an analysis of the site to determine the level of competition in both two cases: general and competition for specific keywords . This can be considered a strength of the sites surveyed. As mentioned above, there are two indicators for power: the site's overall strength and power to the specific page within the site. Determine the strength of the site meant that determines the difficulty of the keyword.

The bad news for you is that this is very difficult. by:

1 / No one other than the supplier search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, ...) understand that their SE how to determine the competitiveness of the site together and obviously this they always concealed.

2 / Assuming you're lucky enough to understand the secrets above a certain SE, you also have to remember that every SE will have a different way of doing things, and of course determine how well different competition.

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The two problems mentioned above are real, however, we still have some general information about what makes the competitiveness of a website (do not forget it is called the power of the page ) and it is determined by the following factors:

Age of website: SE will visit this site predates the more valuable sites appear. Similarly, before the advent site will be more valuable site appears. Obviously a brand new site would be less competitive value, but if the rest (other sites around the Web) is powerful, the new site will quickly achieve a power corresponding to the power strength of the site.

Traffic: Too obvious, the more popular the website will be worth more than the SE. So your advice to do just gain as much traffic as possible (of course I do not recommend you get traffic using tools autohit).

Internal link structure: there are issues such as menus, navigation bars, one way links from this site to another site. This is usually the designer even SEOer ignored. But me personally, I really likes the internal linking structure.

External links (inbound links): This is the most striking part of the "competitive games" (hehe), inbound links are also known as incoming links or back links, is a critical component to determine the strength of a site. Typically, the more inbound links you have, the more clout to compete, but remember, the numbers are not equal quality. So how to know what a quality inbound links? These two factors alone, inbound links from pages with high reliability for the SE and the pages related to your keywords. I will have another article more specific on this issue.

In addition, you must consider not only the inbound links to the specific page you are optimizing, the link to the other pages of the website will contribute to increase the overall strength of the site and the overall strength of site increases the power of the web page in the entire site will increase.

Other Ways To Determine The Trouble Keyword

Data from AdWords: Keyword Tool use Google can help you determine the competition for specific keywords according to statistics through PPC search market. In addition, the tools also give you information about the costs for each shot lick, if the cost is higher the greater the competition and vice versa.

KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index): an alternative way to determine the difficulty level keyword effectiveness index keyword. The higher the KEI value of the keyword difficulty lower than the number of competitors at. I'll have another article in more detail on this issue.

Here is probably somewhat clarified your questions, I hope to get more feedback so that we can complete theoretical basis which included a relatively correct formula to determine seo keyword difficulty.

The questions were posed:

Products and services you are what? Your potential customers are?
Customers will search for solutions or what if you need your product ???
Customers will have the spec, concerns or questions about your product?
When you need help with products and services they will seek what ?? ... ..

Answer the questions you have 1 group keywords which your potential customers will search a lot. The following are tips of his analysis:

+ When you search on google but the results topped that:

Catagery or article is good, pretty simple keywords only, not to consider many, war is always, also relatively short time only.
Website with links domain: to check 3 elements: On Page, Backlink, PR: Onpage zero or negative Onpage the good fight, Backlink shelves, many plows her well. PR is to watch which was calculated following the normal difficulty setting.
Website with links domain: good Onpage, Backlink much ..., from hard here, not cognizable right to be, to try and plow Onpage much better than the new link opportunities beyond here .........
Domain coincides with the keyword: this is extremely advantageous strategy with this website you have to spend a bit here.
My age it longer, the older forest spicy, hard game.

Above is a preliminary assessment of your way you have it leave coment or comments to yourselves. Thanks for your attention, wish you success!