These factors need to seo Youtube video?

Date: 19/11/2014

Maybe you know YouTube is a video channel with high visitors. Therefore we can get a lot of hits on it. So how much access we have, let's find out how SEO Youtube later.

Problem YouTube video seo seo websites in general and in particular have 2 great content. First, the optimal content of the page, and the second is the broadcast content with acquaintances. In this article, we only mention optimizing content for seo videos on Youtube to the top, not to mention the promotion of that content.

For the most simple and easy to understand, we come together to do the work from when creating a video, until the video published on Youtube done offline!

1: Be prepared with the highest quality video.

According to the trend of technology, Internet connection improves, everyone likes to watch the video "features" that are in HD. And of course Youtube is like that, gradually, they eliminate low-quality video, to bring the best experience to the user.

Please make your videos in HD quality, highest resolution, and how the amount as low as possible. Please note that, in addition to providing HD quality images you should also have one clear sound transmission

2: Place names in computer files containing keywords.

Youtube has saved file name, which is also 1 ranking factors videos, it's like you seo images, you should name your file contains keywords, such as: wool-top-youtube.mp4 or pressing-chien-medium-ngon.mp4.

Before uploads one video check out two factors that offline. HD quality and file names that contain keywords.

3: Video title contains keywords

Of course, your video that teaches how to fry eggs in the title without the fried egg, the sounds and irrational. So for a brief title for about 7-10 words like can you put the title for the article during this web seo.

Strange: personal observation, the change video title after one period, the ranking of the video is improved, and the ad also appeared regularly over

4: The description of explicit videos

The description below should clear title, and related titles, containing the keyword will be the best thing. 150 characters (30-50 words) The first should contain keywords you need seo.

The description you can insert links, other videos from this video this good

The description you can insert links to one minute of the first part of this tutorial video good

5: Tag

Choose relevant keywords possible, each keyword should have 2-3 words in length should not keyword only 1 word or too long. Do not insert words that are too general, such as OR, Hot, Top, ...

You can include but are not limited to the words in the first 3-5 videos is the best keyword

Note: Keywords are critical for display advertising, and related videos.

6: Select the appropriate forum content

If keywords are treated as subcategories, then select the appropriate category for your video looks good, although this does not affect things much seo. But the video has since been removed to avoid abuse, or the wrong topic.

7: Installation view

Of course you need to video mode everyone can watch, thus search engines can index your videos are the best. This is the default section of Youtube, but sometimes we lock our videos.

8: Add a caption

Add a caption to the video, there is also a good keyword for seo, search engine Youtube readable captions. Adding captions is quite easy and does not take too much time.
Please note, if annotation is the link between this video and other videos, this is good for Seo and your channel

9: Add subtitles to videos

If you have a subtitle file should be added, if not available, you can create subtitle files and add subtitles. YouTube and Google are reading this file. If stuck, you can leave questions in the comment section below.

10: Select the geographical location

Youtube has asked you this video where? In the advanced setting, this well has great influence on the display of related videos, and advertising, it's like you add keywords so.

We just went full 10 note to be able to put 1 video up top. Let's delve into practical steps and offline. You absolutely can apply for seo or seo video images are good. And of course do not forget to leave a comment below.

Virgin, or consigned to the comments section, to wait for a future article on how to promote videos to more people. There are many views, YouTube will help your SEO to the top faster.